Marianne's Translations


What can I translate for you :

  • management information
  • correspondance
  • technical information (know how)
  • customer satisfaction survey
  • information about Quality Management
  • training materials
  • books and articles on spirituality and esotery

I worked for companies in the industrial, shipping and technical sector.


As I have ‘travelled the road to a conscious life' during the last 25 years I am able not only to translate the mere words, but also their true meaning and impact on people’s lives.


I translated the text for the 'notion picture' Staya Erusa, and parts of the website of the foundation.


I also translated a book about spirituality and paranormal phenomena.


Marianne's Coaching:

Let's go on a life-changing journey with the Game of Gifts! Discover your talents and your mission in 3 - 5 sessions with this wonderful tool, which provides insights that enable you to make the right decisions about work, relationships or study. Contact me for further information.