A language freak by heart! For 31 years I worked for a variety of companies, a.o. in the technical, industrial and shipping area.


During my working life as an employee I translated all kinds of information: management information, correspondance, technical information (know how), customer satisfaction survey, Quality Management, training materials. I now work freelance and wrote a.o. for a regional weekly. For a mother I also wrote a book about her daughter.


Some 24 years ago I changed my direction: working with people.

I have worked as a trainer (People & Organisations) for about 4,5 years, untill 2000.

I work as a coach since 2001. I use amongst others the "Talentenspel", which provides meaningful insights regarding the purpose of your life and how to work with your talents. I also also qualified to work with the English version of this magical coaching tool: The Game of Gifts.


I have read hundreds of English books, novels as well as books on spirituality, consciousness and esotery *).

I have also translated articles and a DVD on spirituality (Dutch – English). In July 2010 I finished the translation of a book about paranormal phenomena in a spiritual context.


*) As I have ‘ travelled the road to a consious life’ myself during the last 28 years I am able not only to translate the mere words, but also their true meaning and impact on people’s lives.