Christmas Wishes 2009

‘It ís 2009, isn’t it?‘ Saint Nicolas asked. ‘Yes, of course, why?’ Father Christmas replied. ’I had the feeling it was 1984’, Saint Nicolas said. ‘My horse gets a chip in his ear, your reindeer as well. They call it pay-as-you-drive, but in the meantime…… ‘ ‘Yes, yes’, Father Christmas said thoughtfully. ‘I follow you……‘


Saint Nicolas continued: ‚And than this tax on assets held abroad! I got an assessment for the millions of spice nuts and oranges in my Spanish warehouses.‘ ‘Well, well‘, Father Christmas remarked. ‘And all you do is share it with everybody. Did you already get your vaccination?‘ ‚No‘, Saint Nicolas said, ‚‘it is not important how old you are, but how you live your life. Otherwise we surely would not have become these old geezers?‘ ‚You’re right‘, Father Christmas said. ‘Love still is the best medicine. And talking about injections: my sofa just had one with new foam rubber; sits like the Bank of England again!’


‘My point entirely!’ Saint Nicolas responded. ‘And than this shortage thinking: working till the age of 67, horrible low-energy light bulbs in chandeliers, saving on education…. Shortage of vision, if you ask me.‘ ’Calm down, my friend, it’s going to be o.k. ’, Father Christmas said. ‘Now it’s time for a party. Start serving!’ We serve you for every season in 2010 only the best: love, friendship, good health and happiness!


Christmas Wishes 2008

‘I don’t understand it anymore’, Saint Nicolas said. ‘I just visited the bank and they told me No credit given. I have always been a very good customer; especially this year so many presents were bought.’ His friend Father Christmas was on the floor on all fours and looked up, amused. He was busy throwing something. ‘What are you doing?’ Saint Nicolas asked. He then saw what it was: hundreds of coins flying across the carpet. ‘Yes’, Santa said, ‘well observed: you must keep money moving! And don’t pay any attention to that political figure with the schoolboy’s haircut, our J.P., warning us about a recession. Did you hear him speak when the soap bubble of speculations and making a packet got out of proportion? Exactly!’ ‘Wait’, Saint Nicolas said. ‘We can do better’, and from his wallet he took a thick wad of banknotes and rolled these up real tight. ‘Now we are getting somewhere’, he said, ‘and you know, sharing makes you richer!’  

We would like to share our very best wishes for 2009 with you!

Christmas Wishes 2005

Mother Earth was lying in bed, feeling ill. Because a lot of her inhabitants were not faring well, she was felled by a serious influenza. Greedy Gerald, Otto Oppression, Egon Egoist en Fred Fanatic had joined forces, thereby giving room to Philip Fear, Victor Violence and Paul Poverty.


In our own little country Saint Nicolas and Santa had signed on at the Employment Office. As unattended parcels were confiscated, the fun for them was over. Saint Nicolas lived in Spain most of the time and was therefore uninsured, Santa was a foreigner from Finland. Yet the Supersocial Ministry announced these old granddads should work until the age of 80. Everyone knows, however, that men with long white beards, dressed in long robes or carrying a red pointed hat, will never get employed. Let alone the corrupt commissioners, stiff systems and loony laws.


Mother Earth shivered and shook with fever, causing hurricanes, and waves the size of sky scrapers. The only medicine that really worked was a mixture of love, friendship, warmth and attention. Therefore for Mother Earth and for you


The very best wishes for 2006!



Kerstkaart 2005

Moeder Aarde lag ziek in bed. Omdat het met veel van haar bewoners niet goed ging, was zij geveld door een zware griep. Herbert Hebzucht, Onno Onderdrukking, Egon Egoïst en Folkert Fanaat hadden hun krachten gebundeld, waardoor Albert Angst, Geurt Geweld en Arend Armoede alle ruimte kregen.


In ons kleine kikkerlandje hadden Sinterklaas en de Kerstman zich aangemeld bij het CWI, want sinds achtergelaten pakjes in beslag genomen werden, was de lol eraf. Sint woonde meer in Spanje dan hier en liep onverzekerd rond; de Kerstman was een allochtoon uit Finland. Toch vond het Supersociale Ministerie dat deze krasse knarren tot hun 80 e konden blijven werken. Terwijl iedereen weet, dat mannen met lange witte baarden, gekleed in een jurk of met een rode puntmuts op, nergens worden aangenomen. En dan hebben we het maar niet over corrupte commissarissen, starre systemen en wanstaltige wetten.


Moeder Aarde ijlde en rilde van de koorts, waardoor orkanen raasden en het water tot ongekende hoogten werd opgezwiept. Het enige medicijn dat echt hielp was een mix van liefde, vriendschap, warmte en aandacht. Bij deze daarom voor Moeder Aarde en voor jou



De allerbeste wensen voor 2006!